Software and Technology Investment Banks

The mid-market is a far more fragmented space for investment banks than the bulge bracket is. There are thousands of mid-market investment banks and brokerage firms. The majority of these firms have geographic regions, industries and business models that they specialize in.

We have compiled an all-encompassing list of investment banking firms on our directory that is ideal for users to filter in order to find the right advisor for their specific situation. We designed this directory to serve as a one stop shop to understand who the players are in each portion of the market.

However, we have also found that our readers benefit from a more in depth look at each firm, what type of businesses they work with and what geographic regions they operate in. That is why we are now preparing this list and overview of banks in the tech sector. For a more expansive list of tech brokers and banks, we recommend looking through our database of investment banks. where you’ll be able to sort and filter based on industry, firm size, geographic region and more.

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e-Commerce Investment Banks

The hottest business model of the 21’st century has certainly been internet & tech, and more specifically e-commerce. Like any other thriving industry, e-commerce businesses and all other types of digital retailers and service companies need financial services, management consulting, capital raising and other services offered by investment banks.

Raising capital for PPC, SEO and inventory is the main expense of e-commerce businesses. However, larger businesses will look to hire staff and even acquire some competitors or other e-commerce players. These capital needs and M&A advisory needs call for investment banks that know the software and e-commerce landscape. Fill out the contact form above to get placed with the investment banks that are the best fit for your needs.


In addition to technology, we have also created articles targeting other industries. If you are in the financial services or real estate business, read about how to get matched with the right investment bank here.

Software & SaaS Investment Banks

The rapidly growing and changing software landscape has lent itself to rapid spikes in valuation, venture capital funding, exits, lean teams and cash strapped companies. Fortunately, the industry now has a litany of investment banks that can solve the majority of these problems.

Most tech founders are looking for an exit which is where a broker or investment bank can get involved and advise the sellers. A list of these advisors can be found here. However, some saas brands are simply looking to raise capital to scale. If they are large enough, an investment bank can help with this as well, if they are not they should look to either their local bank or one of the several lenders that would like to help them finance their business. If you are in this situation, you can find the right lender for accounts receivable loans here.