Oil & Gas Industry Investment Banks

While there are only a small number of bulge bracket firms that work with fortune 500 companies, There are thousands of mid-market investment banks and brokerage firms that focus on only one or only a couple industries or geographic regions.

We have compiled an expansive Database of investment banking and brokerage firms that can help users to filter in order to find the right advisor for their business. We designed this directory to serve as a one stop shop to understand who the players are in each portion of the market.

We also believe that our readers benefit from a more in depth look at each firm, what type of industries they specialize in and what geographic regions they work in. That is why we are now preparing this list and overview of banks and brokers in the oil & gas sector.

For a more expansive list of tech brokers and banks, we recommend looking through our database of investment banks¬†where you’ll be able to sort and filter based on industry, firm size, geographic region and more.

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M&A for Energy Companies

The oil & gas industry has been a target for vertical integration by industry competitors and investment from private equity companies for decades. If you are looking to acquire a business in the energy sector, you no doubt have to find a buy-side representative, such as an investment bank. Or, you may be so large that you have your own acquisitions team and just have to find capital.

If you are looking to sell your business or merge with a competitor, your first step should be to get in touch with one of the investment banks through the form above. We also have a blog available for business owners in the construction industry.


We have an article that is designed for your industry. If you don’t work in energy, have a look at our articles focused on Investment banks for construction companies or any other industry.