Investment Banks for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

While many of the services offered by bulge bracket banks to their fortune 500 clients aren’t available for small-mid sized businesses, there are still investment banks and brokers that can advise on capital raisings, disposition, consulting and more.

The market for small to mid sized businesses is served by thousands of capable firms. So many in fact that we saw a need to create a database of investment banks and brokerage firms for our own use and later put it online for the public to use for free. Our intent is that it will be helpful for owners and managers of small-mid sized business cut through the misinformation on the internet and find a firm that is capable of serving them.

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Business Brokers for Small-Mid Sized Businesses

Investment banking services for small, local businesses are delivered through a business broker. This is an individual or team that consolidates business records, procedures and assets, evaluates the business and lists it for sale on the market. Many brokers will charge a small retainer at the time they enlist the client with the bulk of the compensation coming at time of close. Others opt to only charge a fee at close (typically 10%-15%).

Because the market for small businesses is very inefficient, many of these businesses stay on the market for several years before selling. Others never receive an acceptable offer and end up just hiring a new manager.

Investment Banks for Small-Mid Sized Businesses ($10-$500M revenue)

Mid-sized businesses, or what is often referred to as lower mid-market businesses often times work with investment banks that have a focus on the industry that they operate in. This of course creates a large, fragmented market with thousands of investment banks. We hope that our list of investment banks by size and industry proves valuable to filter businesses by industry and find the right fit.


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