Investment Banks for Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has seen a resurgence in recent years and M&A activity has started to pickup. The manufacturing industry lends itself to roll-ups and agglomeration. For mid-market manufacturing companies that means seeking the help from an investment bank with proven success in the industry.

Unlike bulge bracket banks that will take fortune 500 clients from any industry, mid-market banks often focus on just one or two industries.

We have compiled a list of investment banks that includes virtually every reputable firm that services the manufacturing industry. This list is ideal for users to filter in order to find the right advisor for their specific business. We designed this directory to serve as a resource for owners and managers of construction businesses that are looking for a short list of qualified advisors to work with.

In addition to the filterable database, we are now preparing this list and overview of banks in the financial services sector. For a more expansive list of brokers and banks, we recommend utilizing our free database of investment banks, where you’ll be able to filter based on industry, firm size, location and more.

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If you are in another industry other than manufacturing, we have an article for you. For instance, see our article on investment banks for oil & gas companies.

Raising Capital for Manufacturing

One of the many things a quality investment bank can help you with is raising capital for your manufacturing business. You may need capital to expand, purchase equipment, float your business until you are paid or any number of other reason. Generally, investment banks will be happy to fund you or connect you with lenders for your capital needs. If your business is under $5M in revenue, you may be better off getting a loan from a bank or from a hard money lender. 

You can find a full list of lenders by looking into our Investment Banks Database that is sorted by industry and size.

M&A Advisory - Selling Your Manufacturing Business

At some point, the day will come that you will be looking to sell your business. If you are like most business owners, you have spent countless thousands of hours building your business and it is your lifes work. If you are looking to sell direct to an investor or some employees, there are private equity firms and business brokers that can help you in the pursuit. If you own a larger business (Over $5M in revenue per year) you can find an investment bank for small-mid sized businesses like yours here.