Investment Banks for the Financial Service Industry

While it may seem self evident that all investment banks work with financial service companies, this is actually far from the truth. The mid-market and in particular the lower mid-market is a vary fragmented space where firms often have one or two industries of focus and one geographic region in which they operate.

We have compiled an list of investment banks by size and industry that includes virtually every reputable firm that services the mid-market. This list is ideal for users to filter in order to find the right advisor for their specific business. We designed this directory to serve as a one stop shop to understand who the relevant companies are in each portion of the market.

We have also found that our readers find benefit in a more in-depth look at each firm and what type of businesses they work with. That is why we are now preparing this list and overview of banks in the financial services sector. For a more expansive list of financial service brokers and banks, we recommend looking through our database of investment banking and advisory firms, where you’ll be able to sort and filter based on industry, firm size, geographic region and more.

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Investment Banks for the Insurance Industry

If you run a boutigue or mid-market insurance company, you are likely aware that M&A is the standard in your business and the industry is rapidly consolidating. If you are looking for advise on selling, raising capital or even buying a competitor, have a discussion with an investment bank that focuses in the financial services sector and more over the insurance business.

The valuation of your insurance business (or anyone else’s) will have to do with how sticky your customer base is (residual premiums) as well as how large your client book is. For more information and preliminary valuations, we will match you with the appropriate investment banking firm.


If you would like to learn more about investment banking firms that focus on other industries, have a look at the appropriate pages (found in our search bar). If you are in the rapidly growing tech sector, have a look at our investment banks for software and technology. We also produced an article for construction investment banks.

Investment Banks for Real Estate Investment & Services

If you run a private or public REIT, you may have a background in the investment banking industry and likely understand the necessity of a representative that can help you raise capital, introduce you to potential LPs, take you public and provide management consulting services. There are a litany of investment banks that service primarily or even exclusively on the financial services and more particularly the real estate service business. If you have a property management company, investment management company or consulting company and are looking to begin dialogue with an investment banker, fill out the contact form above and we will match you with specialty focused investment banks for financial services.