Investment Banks for the Construction Industry

Like most industries, construction has its own ecosystem of supporting companies in consulting, legal, HR and finance. Construction seems to be a business model that has been very fragmented. Because the market can lend itself to having hundreds of small companies instead of a few large ones, the investment banks and advisors that serve the industry are often times lower mid-market firms or brokers.

We have compiled a list of investment banks which includes the majority of reputable firms that service the mid-market. This database is ideal for users to filter in order to find the right advisor for their specific business. The directory has been designed to serve as a one stop shop to understand who the relevant companies are in each portion of the construction industry.

We have also found that our readers find benefit in a more depth look at each firm and what type of businesses they work with. That is why we are now preparing this list and overview of banks in the construction industry. For a more encompassing list of construction brokers and banks, we recommend looking through our database of investment banks, where you’ll be able to sort and filter based on industry, firm size, geographic region and more.

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Construction Business Funding

If you have been in the construction business for any meaningful amount of time, you are no doubt familiar with the long sales cycles, high overhead and tight cash flow windows. Experienced constructino companies work with debt factoring/ financing companies, hard money lenders, get revolvers from banks and more. If you are looking for short or long-term capital for your construction company, fill out the contact form above and we will put you in contact with the right investment bank for construction capital raising needs.

In addition, if you are looking to go direct to lenders, tell us a bit about your construction financing needs and we’ll do the matching work to find the right lender. We work with all types of investment companies, family offices, hard money lenders, banks, etc. We have forms for each type of loan you could be looking for; Equipment loan companies, Business acquisition loan companies, Accounts receivable lending companies and asset based lenders.


We have compiled the best investment banks to use depending on what service you are looking for and what industry your business operates in. If you are looking for Investment banks for financial service companies, this article is for you.

Selling A Construction Business

If you are looking to sell your construction business, your first step may be to contact a sell-side representative. This representative is typically a business broker or investment banker. If your business does over $10M in revenue consistently, you are likely large enough to work with a lower mid-market investment bank. Larger businesses can work with a wider array of wall street investment banks and smaller ones can use a local or national business broker. 

If you are new to business disposition and wondering what the process is like and who you should work with, have a look at our investment banks and brokers for small and mid-sized businesses article.