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Guest Post Submission Guideline

The Mid-Market List blog is the largest online publisher focused solely on financial advice for starting, growing, and managing a mid-market business. Our writers are true subject matter experts who have a deep understanding of what it means to run a small business.Our topics include but are not limited to financing and financial management, business operations, leadership advice, employee management, marketing tips and the latest news affecting America’s small business owners. 
While we cover a broad range of subjects, we prefer there to be some sort of financial-leaning in the majority of our published pieces (e.g. “# Ways to Save Thousands on Your Current Marketing Plan). This isn’t necessary for guest posts, but is always a “plus.”

Our Readers

Our readers are men (66%) and women (34%) from across the USA who are looking for actionable and specific financial advice and company referrals for either growing, recapitalizing or selling a business. They are mid-market businesses, this generally means they have 25+ employees and over $10M in revenue.

What content we look for

On the Ledger, accessible and actionable content that caters specifically to the needs of small and mid-sized (up to $100M revenue) business owners always performs best. Your piece should be unique to us and leave our readers feeling inspired and ready to take action. They shouldn’t have any questions after reading your piece, as the content needs to be thorough, well-sourced, and as specific as possible.

We encourage you to write what you know—if you’re a marketing wiz tell us how small business owners can spend their dollars best with online advertising. Accounting expert? What tax mistakes should they avoid?

We have lending experts in-house, so we’re looking for writers who can touch on other subjects not related to financing.


The Nitty Gritty

Make sure posts are error-free and grammatically correct before submission. Use the active tense wherever possible—we want these posts to be engaging, provide valuable insights and be formal.

Posts should be roughly 1,000 -2,500 words (the longer, the better). Include at least four links—ideally, two high-quality external links that flow naturally with the article and two internal links back to Mid-Market List articles and databases.

When formatting, include subheads (H2 for section subheads, H3 for subsequent sub-sections).

Your goal should be to build thought leadership and provide value to C suite executives and directors of mid-market companies—not advertise your product, business, or service. Even subtly hinting at your product type is considered an advertorial. We reserve the right to reject links of this nature and if we think your post is overly advertorial, we’ll ignore it or send it back for edits.

You can link back to your website or blog within the body of the post one-two times in addition to the four links mentioned above. We’d prefer the link to be as natural as possible and link back to a resource that provides value to our reader rather than a marketing page or home page.

Make sure to fact-check, include sources (if you cite a statistic, number, or trend, it should have a linked source), and edit the post carefully before you hit send.

Include your headshot and bio in the document. We will always give credit to the post author.

How to submit an article

Fill out this form to give us the information we need to make a decision. We will get back to you in 1-2 weeks in most cases.