Commercial Loan Brokers

What is a commercial loan broker?

A broker is an intermediary who has relationships in a certain line of work and an expertise to put one party into good hands. What comes to mind when most people think of a broker, is a stock broker, a person whos job it is to select the right investments for their clients and purchase on their behalf. While loan brokers don’t make borrowing decisions for their clients, they can tap into a number of connections and find a suitable loan for their clients needs.

When you request a quote from a bank, all you are getting is that banks best offer. If the bank isn’t lending at that time or if they don’t lend against that type of asset, you’re flat out of luck. However, if you go to a broker that is worth their salt, they’ll be able to find a company (or several) that work with that type of asset to do business with.

Can you get a loan for your business

There are loans available for most any type of business. Here at Mid-Market List we have a free database of lenders that you can look through in order to find one that lends in your industry and for the criteria that you set forth.

The quickest and easiest way to get a loan for your business is to have us to the heavy listing and place you with a preferred lender for your type of business and size loan. Unlike expensive brokers, we never charge the borrower a fee for being a member of Mid-Market List or for getting a loan from one of these companies. Once you inquire below, expect to here from one or more of our lenders within 48 hours on how to get you funded.

What about equipment, receivables and inventory loans

If you either have some sort of tangible asset such as equipment, or a paper asset such as accounts receivable, there is a robust industry of banks and private money lenders that are willing to loan against that asset.

The only type of loans that we do not offer are merchant cash advance loans. We do not offer these MCA loans because we see them as predatory and not in the best interest of businesses or the public as a whole.

If you haven’t yet, have a look at our article on finding asset based lenders.