Apartment and Multi-Family Construction Loans

For real estate developers seeking private capital for their apartment development project, mid-market list is the end of the search. We offer a free, expansive list of commercial real estate lenders and act as a broker for projects that already have their specifications. We do not charge for either the database of firms or for placing your project in front of various lenders. Instead, we place your specific development project in front of the lenders and charge them a fee if they are able to finance the project.

If your team has proven success with commercial real estate construction, fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and we will shop your specific deal around to the loan companies who have the ability to lend on the project.

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Loan interest rates

The interest rates on your apartment construction loan are typically slightly lower than they would be on any other real estate development project. Because housing is a necessity, it is seen as a higher liklihood that the project will have tenants sooner and at a higher occupancy rate than when compared to other property types.

Private money loans are almost always made at a higher interest rate than loans from traditional financial institutions. Banks borrow money at a much cheaper rate than private lenders and are therefore able to lend it at a lower rate as well. However, private money lenders are able to make many loans that banks cannot.


Both novice developers and veteran sponsors should be able to benefit from reading our commercial real estate development and construction loans article.

About multi-family loans

Any loan made to develop a large multi-family building will be made after significant due diligence. The lender will require information about the location, plot of land, general contractor and development team. They may request specific analysis be done on the project by one of a number of qualified brokerage companies (CBRE, JLL, etc.).

It is possible to filter our database down to only companies that work on real estate construction. However, if you know the specifics of your project, we will do the heavy lifting for you. Just fill out the form above and we will shop it around to the most capable lenders in the industry.

The majority of the loans made on multi-family units from private money lenders are made on non-recourse terms. This means that the sponsor does not have to risk their personal or business assets to get the project funded. For many developers, this is more important than what interest rates they end up paying.

In addition to a degree of comfort with the property type (multi-family in this case), many lenders will only make loans for projects in certain geographic regions or in markets with certain characteristics. We have done most of the heavy lifting to compile lenders and can place your project in front of the most capable firms.

Qualified real estate developers

For novice developers, finding money for their project is possible, however they will likely need to get smaller loans and use a higher amount of their own capital in order to get the lenders interested. The lenders will then be loaning at a lower percentage of completed project value and the investor will have put more capital in showing a higher degree of belief in the project themselves.

For veteran developers that have a portfolio of successful properties to point to, they may have multiple institutions that are able to make the loan with favorable terms.

If you and your team are looking at various real estate asset classes, have a look at our article on hotel and lodging construction loans article to get matched with lenders and learn about the industry landscape.