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Mid-Market List is the largest free database of financial, legal and professional service companies that service the mid-market. The mid-market is roughly businesses that produce $5-$200M in annual revenue. In order to keep this database as a free resource for consumers while also keeping a high quality of business listings, we charge a small fee in order to have businesses included in the database.

If you are the director of a financial, legal or professional services company that services the mid-market, we invite you to join our directory to reach more potential clients and help us provide a more transparent marketplace.

  1. Admission not guaranteed. Submission of your business does not guarantee acceptance into our database. We reserve the right to reject any membership submission.
  2. Accuracy of information. When submitting your business to our directory, we ask that the information you submit be as accurate a representation of your company as possible. Should a situation arise where there is a discrepancy between what your business offers and what your listing states, we reserve the right to remove your listing.
  3. Are leads free? Yes. At this point, we only charge a fee to be a part of our database. Should an inquiry contact you through email or through our contact form, you will be able to work with that individual or company without paying Mid-Market List.